About Us

We are a professional farmer organization with a passion to produce and distribute healthy organic food, and consider it a service to the society. Our farms are named NaturePinks Gardens and we distribute our produce online on our own site, OrganicSiri.com

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Every vegetable, fruit and grain that we distribute is personally grown by us & our own team with utmost care & hygiene in our own farms in Telangana. This policy of ours allows us to exercise perfect control to place health and trust over profit. We take pride in being (arguably) the only organized Organic supplier who grows everything that they deliver.

Our production is managed by highly experienced graduates and post graduates in agriculture. We follow organic practices and prefer to sacrifice a crop than compromise on the principles of organic production. We are part of Organic Certification process from TSSOCA and also conduct residue tests periodically.

Every step from production, drying, grading to delivery is managed by our own staff to ensure only the finest and safest products reach you.

For details on how we produce our crops, please visit the naturepinks website. If you have a question or would like to know more, read our how to order page or email us at siri at organicsiri.com