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Eventful Organic Farming in 2023 – a quick rear view

It has been an extremely busy year of organic farming in 2023 for all of us at OrganicSiri farms – so much so that we had to take a little break from posting updates. We had worked on many new crop introductions, a large number of farm developments, crop production enhancements and farm equipment commissioning.

New organic crops and products added

New jowar crop

Did you notice a bunch of new organic farm products such as anumulu, galijeru, vamu leaf, soyakura, lemons, bachali, red bhendi, panasa thonalu and many others this year? What about all the processed/semi-processed organic products such as gummadi vadiyalu, kakara varugulu, pindi vadiyalu added to the range? We spent an incredible amount of energy and effort in research and production of each of these and expect you will enjoy the taste and health of these trusted products, made largely out of our own organic farm produce.

Drip irrigation for organic crops installed

Drip irrigation saves water, is environment friendly and improves crop output. Installing drip is however, quite investment heavy and involves a lot of installation effort. We have embarked on a huge project middle of 2023 and expanded drip irrigation in about 15 acres at our N farm. The project involved detailed design, trenching, laying of main & sub-main pipelines, setting up filtration & fertigation components and laying laterals and emitters, over the span of a few months.

Beds for leafy vegetables

We think this has been worth the effort and are excited about the potential benefits this new irrigation system should bring to us in saving water, uniformly supplying bio-products to crops through fertigation and producing better crops for all of us (and we can say it has begun bearing fruit).

Land developments at N Farm commissioned

Land levelling, removal of stones and reclamation of a part of N farm soil was our other major project. We have added many tonnes of soil amendments, applied measures for improvement of water flow and grew green manure crops to bring life back to the soil, in what was possibly degraded over many years of earlier cultivation.

Organic crop protection measures boosted

Trenching for drip irrigation

We have brought in enhancements to improve our organic crop production. As we know, pests are a huge problem and not using chemical pesticides reduces our ability to control them. One measure we put in place is to have physical barriers using crop tunnel cloth to reduce impacts of pest infestation. So the nice looking veggies and fruits you are now getting from us are being provided the extra protection, however manually intensive it turns out to be.

Equipment and mechanization reinforced

Sowing on beds with drip irrigation

We have had a couple of tractor drawn bed makers and a few bullock drawn guntakas/weeders built in addition to procuring a number of planters for different sized seeds, apart from other tools. Out intent is to reduce manual effort, simplify completion of farm operations and improve production efficiency.

Lots of organic plans for times to come

We are all passionate about our organic crops, more than ever before. As you know, we see organic farming as a huge unique opportunity to serve healthy food to as many in the society as we can, protecting the soil and environment in the process.

A happy new year to you from OrganicSiri!

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Sekhar is an M.Sc. (Agriculture) specializing in Agronomy and an MBA in Agribusiness Management. He is a farm professional associated with farming for the last 30+ years and leads farm production at OrganicSiri.

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