Our Organic Food Delivery in Hyderabad – Prompt & Protected

We provide organic food delivery service in Hyderabad and Secunderabad. All our deliveries are done by our delivery executives in our own delivery vehicles, in an effort to be prompt and to protect the food so it stays hygienic in transit.

Orders are generally home delivered the same day to two days after ordering, depending on the order time and our delivery routing. Deliveries to farther locations may take slightly longer. We work to provide you the products as quickly after harvest as possible.

Organic Food Delivery
Organic Food Delivery

Once you order online, we will contact you by phone or message to initiate door delivery of organic vegetables, fruits and grocery. Just let us know if you have a specific timing request or to have the products left with a neighbor. If the payment mode you chose is cash on delivery, you may hand over the payment to our delivery executive or pay through UPI or Paytm. Details will be on your bill.

In general, our delivery agent hands over ordered fruits and vegetables and will not have quantities for on the spot purchases.

Free Organic Food Delivery based on PIN Code

We have free delivery of organic food for orders over a minimum value, determined based on location/PIN code. Our minimum order for free delivery is intentionally kept quite small to allow regular purchases of organic fruits and vegetables.

For small orders, a delivery charge may apply and you can see and review any charges before you confirm your order.

Free Delivery for orders above Rs. 299 (Delivery charge 49 for smaller orders):

500001, 500002, 500003, 500004, 500006, 500007, 500008, 500009, 500011, 500012, 500013, 500015, 500016, 500017, 500018, 500020, 500022, 500023, 500024, 500025, 500026, 500027, 500028, 500029, 500032, 500033, 500034, 500035, 500036, 500038, 500039, 500040, 500041, 500042, 500044, 500045, 500046, 500047, 500048, 500049, 500053, 500056, 500057, 500058, 500059, 500060, 500061, 500062, 500063, 500064, 500066, 500068, 500069, 500072, 500073, 500074, 500076, 500079, 500080, 500081, 500082, 500084, 500085, 500089, 500091, 500092, 500093, 500094, 500095, 500096, 500097

Free Delivery for orders above Rs. 499 (Delivery charge 49 for smaller orders):

500019, 500030, 500031, 500037, 500050, 500051, 500054, 500055, 500065, 500070, 500075, 500086, 500087, 500090, 501505

Free Delivery for orders above Rs. 999 (Delivery charge 99 for smaller orders):

500005, 500010, 500014, 500043, 500067, 500078, 500083, 500088, 502032

Organic Food Delivery to unlisted PIN Codes

  • If you are in Hyderabad and don’t see your PIN Code above, please contact us. We try our best to expand local delivery of our trusted organic food across the city.
  • For locations outside Hyderabad and Secunderabad, we are currently unable to deliver. We understand your interest in healthy food delivery and endeavor to expand as soon as we can.

Do we have Organic Food Stores in Hyderabad?

We do not have any physical organic stores and here is why.

If you were in Kukatpally, would you go as far as Chandanagar or even Miyapur to pick your organic veggies each week? How about Kondapur to Nallagandla, considering the traffic, time and the new social distancing measures? Our assessment was that an average person would travel no more than a kilometer each week for essential supplies such as vegetables and fruits.

It would be impractical to have an organic food store at Banjara Hills, another at Jubilee Hills and one more at Punjagutta, each covering a small diameter of a few km. The infrastructure, staffing and management expenses at each location make it unviable, the reason we have opted to do door deliveries. We strive to deliver quality you would pick yourself, without you having to step out of your home. We are quite happy that the young and the old seem to appreciate it alike.

The above information overrides our previous updates on organic produce delivery. Feel free to contact us for any questions.