The Farmer Organic Store

The Farmer Organic Store – little-known facts

Is there a farmer organic store that is truly run by a farmer or farmers in Hyderabad? At OrganicSiri we take pride in being “the farmer organic store” or possibly one of the very few organic stores that are entirely operated by farmers, and not just in the name.

Most farmer organic stores source farm produce

We all welcome increased awareness of the benefits of organic farm produce; we all enjoy seeing more offline and online organic stores open up and work to make organic food available easily. However, most stores merely source organic produce from suppliers. Each of the stores tries and establishes a mechanism to ensure the procured produce is as organic as possible and as trustworthy as the store can determine. The limitation however is that the moment aggregation begins, it becomes incredibly hard to ensure the produce is really organic. Clearly, the additional links bring in weak links – you trust the store, the store trusts suppliers and the suppliers trust the producers to stay on course.

No entity that procures is ever able to validate every producer’s production processes every hour to ensure they indeed meet the organic guidelines laid down in NPOP. On top of it, most sellers are not technically equipped to comprehend the complex agricultural practices, far from being able to guide a farmer.

It is however heartening to note that there have been some organized sourcing, marketing and distribution efforts from select FPOs, cooperatives and NGOs for organic produce, but typically these are constrained by a variety of sourcing, traceability and management issues to be sustainable.

Can farmers manage the farmer organic store?

A big question is why farmers cannot run their own farmer organic stores. Here are some reasons.

  1. A farmer is so deeply entrenched in farm production and cannot afford to divert a large chunk of his or her energy away from this key activity, for running a store. We are saddened to see that many farmer entrepreneurs start off with production and switch gears to be sourcing agents who merely sell. Let’s face it, organic production is extremely knowledge, energy and cash intensive.
  2. A single farmer rarely produces enough variety to cater to the daily needs of a consumer. It is almost impossible to run a store without a range of products.
  3. Consistent production round the year is a major challenge. Running a store is feasible if the farmer is able to put common vegetables, staples and fruits on the shelves most of the year, if not every day.
  4. Processing, handling, grading and storage are absolutely essential to be able to convert the perishable farm produce to a deliverable form and hold it in good quality until it is handed to the end customer.
  5. Running a store, online or offline, also requires expertise on order management, logistics, operations, customer care, quality control and technology, which most farmers are not equipped with. Taking an example, delivery of fresh produce requires integrated staff, vehicles and logistics setup to deliver good quality produce in time.

OrganicSiri Expertise

This is where OrganicSiri shines as a professional farmer organic store that brings organic produce to you direct from own farms. We have invested our time, energy and finances to build OrganicSiri. We spent many years gaining experience in growing our crops to allow a large basket of farm products, producing consistently across the seasons, maintaining quality and building systems & technical know-how to deliver timely. We grow a variety of organic crops at our own farms, handle the produce hygienically and deliver it ourselves, managing the whole cycle end to end. Since we manage every single step, we have absolute confidence on what we deliver.

So whether you want to consume our produce instantly or want to take it farm to fridge, you can simply rely on us. Here is a summary write up on why OrganicSiri has the distinction of being the farmer organic store and truly so: Why OrganicSiri

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Sekhar is an M.Sc. (Agriculture) specializing in Agronomy and an MBA in Agribusiness Management. He is a farm professional associated with farming for the last 30+ years and leads farm production at OrganicSiri.

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