About OrganicSiri Farms

About OrganicSiri Farms

Sowing, we do; Growing, we do
Reaping, we do; Delivery, we do
Know anyone so true? Tell us, please do

Our Story

You probably take pride in coming from a farming family background, with fond memories of food grown at your village farm and prepared with love at home, going back a generation. That is just like us – only we continue to be driven by devotion to farm and produce good food to this day.

We are a traditional farm family who began experimenting with organic farming back in 2012. As agriculture professionals by education as well, we developed a deep passion for healthy and environmentally sustainable food production. This was at a time when organic farming was much lesser known and people would deem it impossible to grow crops without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Today we grow over a hundred crops in our own three farms in Telangana and distribute our healthy organic produce exclusively on our own website. We are self funded and believe production and distribution of healthy food is a service to society, that will eventually turn around to be financially remunerative.

Our dedicated production and operations teams resolutely overcome a multitude of farm challenges, learn and innovate each day. We work hard to bring the best of customer delight to traditional farm production and distribution.

Our Values

Organic Siri literally means organic wealth. We believe trusted, hygienic organic food is precious for the health, social and environmental benefits it results in.

Our Customers

A few thousand customers rely on us and we would describe them as ‘a learned lot with an analytical bent of mind’. We know they place priority on the intrinsic value of food over appearance and taste, a lot of them being doctors, parents of young kids, folks with recouping family members, or simply smart individuals keen on organic food, being appreciative of its worth.

We cherish the trust our customers place on us to be their ‘family farmer’.

Our Authenticity

  1. We grow 100% in our own family farms
  2. We grow 100% organically
  3. Our production is managed by farm professionals
  4. Our produce is residue free, tested for 98 pesticides
  5. We are organic certified by TSOCA
  6. We conduct farm visits for you to see how we grow
  7. We are trusted by long time customers; read reviews

Our Social Footprint

We produce healthy food free from use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, for happy families. In the process we also bring on several social benefits:

  1. Conserve soil and support biodiversity. If you have been reading of late about Save Soil movement, we have been supporting it for many years now, albeit silently.
  2. Protect soil, water bodies and environment from chemical load.
  3. Employ a number of rural folks gainfully, in our farms and operations in permanent and daily roles – a large proportion being women.
  4. Nurture cows and cattle in our own farms and support nearby goshalas from whom we procure manure regularly and thus sustain them.
  5. Inspire neighboring farmers to adopt better farm practices that we practice, through our deeds and results.

Our Growing Methods

Over these many years, we have consciously focused on experimenting, learning and gaining maturity in producing a range of good food organically. We marry the best of traditional knowledge with the latest scientific research to get the most efficient and safest methods. We align to NPOP organic standards of organic cultivation and also add in proven practices from various Indian and international schools of organic production. Read our periodic farm updates here: Farm Blog

Our Leadership

Uma leads ‘Food’ at OrganicSiri. She holds qualifications in Plant science and Business management, and is focused on product innovation and customer delight.

Sekhar leads ‘Farm’ at OrganicSiri. He holds masters qualifications in Agronomy and Business management, and is focused on agronomy and production innovation.

Our Team

Our trained and knowledgeable team comprises production staff at each of our farms, operations staff and distribution executives. In addition, we have workers who join our teams on need basis each day. Our production teams are led by experienced B.Sc. (Agriculture) graduates, with solid knowledge of organic farming.

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Our Contacts

To order or to know more, call/whatsapp us on 9908003300, or email us at siri at organicsiri.com