Best leafy vegetables

Best Leafy Vegetables: 3 Reasons to Rejoice with our Greens

Leafy vegetables are highly recommended by nutritionists, but I am worried if the greens I am buying are actually safe, reading scary stories about how they are cultivated. How can I ensure I buy safe leafy greens in Hyderabad?

– Swathi from Kondapur
Swathi, this is a concern we all share. You will be pleased that OrganicSiri is focused on increasing the production of safely grown leafy vegetables at our farms.

Green leafy vegetables are not just a dietary choice but a commitment to personal health of the family. Getting trusted organic leafy vegetables is however a tough task in Hyderabad, and social media is abound with stories of the sorry state of cultivation of greens and their handling with bad sources of water. Artificial coloring of palak and other leafies with harmful chemicals is just another level in profiteering at the cost of customer health.

1. Safest leafy vegetables come from Organic Siri farms

Fortunately at Organic Siri Farms, we are very keen on scaling up the production of green leafy vegetables and making them easily available. If you are one of our long time customers, you would have noticed we have increased the production quantities quite a bit over the years, and it is quite likely you pick up some leafies each week round the year. Of course, this has required meticulous planning on our part since not all leafy crops grow round the year – we have learnt and improvised quite a bit in the process.

Leafy Vegetables Seeds
Leafy Vegetables Seeds

Why do we call our leafies the best leafies?

a) We Grow Organically

Leafies are most prone to insect damage and are consequently treated with significant amount of pesticides in normal cultivation. We apply a variety of methods – including physical scouting, crop covers, meshes, bio-products, traps & lures – to keep them organic. Leafy veggies also have a short duration and hence require adequate plant nutrition – which we exclusively provide through organic manures.

b) We Handle Hygienically

Our leafies are grown with clean water (let us not elaborate what happens in some places). We handle our leafy green harvests hygienically through their entire life cycle until they reach your plate.

2. Wide variety of leafy vegetables from OrganicSiri

Did you notice the various types of leafies we have under the organic leafies category? It is quite possible you have not heard of some of the varieties we have on our list. We are working hard to bring back to the fore, leafies that city folk have probably forgotten, since they are not commonly available anymore.

Leafy Vegetables Crop
Leafy Vegetables Crop

Now-rare leafies such as Bachali, Ceylon Bachali, Galijeru, Ponnagantikura, Soyakura are hard to find even if you scout the city, but here we are, trying to make them available consistently.

Fragrant leaves such as Pudina, Kothmir, Curry leaf, Vamu, Methi leaf, Soyakura have their unique culinary uses, so make your dishes flavorful while they are in stock.

Some leafy vegetables such as Munagaku, Microgreens and Wheatgrass are deemed super foods and we mostly have them round the year.

No Chinese dish is complete without Green garlic and Spring Onion – we grow these continuously to have them ready to pick each week.

Tangy leafies? no problem, we have Chukkakura, Gongura to add flavour to your dals and curries.

Add color with Red Thotakura or go with the regulars in Thotakura, Palak and Gangavayalukura. We also stock the leafy portions of Beetroot, Radish, Chama, Mustard, Chintachiguru time to time. You can even have a paan to chew at the end of a heavy meal, made with some organic betel leaves we grow.

Do you like the convenience of dry leafy veggies to add to your preparations off the shelf? Dry versions of Soyakura, Kasuri Methi, Munagaku are on our site.

Lots more of leafy varieties are in the planning, so follow the leafies section to stay informed.

3. Nutritional values of quality leafy vegetables

Organic leafy vegetables are packed with essential nutrients that promote overall health, higher than conventional leafy vegetables, according to some research studies. Leafies are rich in vitamins A, C, and K, which are important for maintaining healthy vision, boosting the immune system, and promoting blood clotting. Leafy greens also contain folate, a B-vitamin that is crucial for cell division and growth.

Commonly available nutritional information indicates organic leafy vegetables are a great source of minerals like iron, calcium, and magnesium. Iron is necessary for oxygen transport in the body, while calcium and magnesium are important for bone health and muscle function. They also provide dietary fiber, which aids in digestion and helps maintain a healthy weight.

Leafy Vegetables Bundles
Leafy Vegetables Bundles

Leafy greens are low in calories and carbohydrates, making them an excellent choice for those looking to manage their weight or blood sugar levels. Their high antioxidant content helps reduce inflammation and oxidative stress in the body, lowering the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

Incorporating organic leafy vegetables into diet can provide a wide range of health benefits, from supporting immune function to promoting heart health and aiding in digestion.

Health with Organic Siri Organic Leafy Greens

In conclusion, if you are someone like us who has limited eating leafy vegetables either due to the unpleasant smells emanating from them, or the fear of them causing more issues than benefits, here is a solution to rejoice on, from Organic Siri Farms’ leafies.

Our leafy greens are grown organically, using clean water and are handled with utmost hygiene so you can relish on them wholeheartedly. We keep stocking them at each harvest, so head over to the Organic Leafies category to view the full list and pick them up online while they last.

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Sekhar is an M.Sc. (Agriculture) specializing in Agronomy and an MBA in Agribusiness Management. He is a farm professional associated with farming for the last 30+ years and leads farm production at OrganicSiri.

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