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Tomato Cherry 250g


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Organic Cherry Tomato from our own OrganicSiri® farms. We home deliver trusted healthy organic food in Hyderabad. Cherry Tomatoes are a nutritious super food that can help the body in a number of ways. They are a very small variety of regular tomato and pack a juicy bite. They are very versatile having endless uses and can be enjoyed in a number of ways.

Also known as: Cherry Tomato, Chote Tamatar

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Organic Cherry Tomato from OrganicSiri®

Tomatoes are one of the most important and widely used crops; There are many different cooking applications, from salads to curries. They have a slightly sweeter flavor compared to larger varieties, which is from higher sugar content. They can be eaten raw or sliced in half and added to practically any savory recipe.

Scientific name

Solanum lycopersicum


They offer several health benefits; consumption of tomatoes and tomato-based products has been indicated to be good for skin and heart. They are high in various vitamins and minerals, including vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K and folate, with carotenoids being the most plentiful.

How to use Cherry Tomato

Cherry tamatars are incredibly versatile in the kitchen; They can be eaten fresh as snacks, cut in half and toss it in salad or on toast for breakfast, with onions, cucumber and cracked pepper. They can be skewered with onion, mushroom, capsicum and then grilled for a great snack. They are used as pizza topping, pastas or roasted in the oven with other vegetables. They can also be incorporated into a range of meals like as curries, chutnies and rasam, or used for preparing base sauce.

Cultivation highlights

Significant effort is required to keep them safe as they are vulnerable to insect pests. To minimize diseases, sufficient air flow is essential among the plants. They may require a supporting stalk depending on the cultivar. Indeterminate types are harvested numerous times throughout the season, whereas determinate varieties are harvested once. Tomatoes from OrganicSiri are grown in our own farms organically without use of fertilizers or chemicals. At OrganicSiri, we grow all our crops in our own farms organically without use of fertilizers or chemicals.


Typically they can be stored for about a week. When storing them place the stem-side down on paper towels in an open container away from direct sunlight. Avoid storing them in the refrigerator because the cold temperature will cause flavor and texture loss.


They are grown in a wide range of crops throughout the year and are available all year.

How to buy Organic Cherry Tomato

We deliver fresh organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic staples across Hyderabad. Here is how to order online: How to order organic food?


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