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Organic Food Questions – Answered Easy

Looking to buy organic food near you but have questions? See an organic food market but unsure if it is worth it? We have compiled answers to some of the Organic Food Questions with special reference to Indian conditions. Feel free to comment below for other queries or email us and we will try and answer.

Should I buy organic vegetables?

Organic foods are generally good for you and for the environment. Even though organic fruits and vegetables are more expensive than conventional produce, the true long term benefits to health and environment are suggested to be sizeable.

How do you identify organic vegetables?

Organic vegetables look similar to conventional vegetables. Since there is no use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, they may often look natural, smaller, irregular and less attractive. A dot, scar or hole is not uncommon. Identify by trusted source and not the product.

Which vegetables and fruits are better organic?

Prioritize organic fruits and vegetables which typically have a high use of fertilizers and pesticides or are grown using unhygienic inputs in farms. The following come on top in India.
1. Leafy vegetables
2. Chilli
3. Brinjal
4. Bhendi
5. Gourds
6. Banana
7. Beans
8. Capsicum
9. Cauliflower
10. Cabbage
11. Groundnut
12. Rice

Is organic food safer?

Organic farming does not employ chemical fertilizers & pesticides, does not utilize sewage water and hence has lower pesticide residues and contamination in food. This translates to safer food. Natural and biological control agents are considered to be less toxic and to leave less or no residues, though this is to be proven conclusively.

How do you know organic food is really organic?

The number one way to tell organic food is by its source – procure from a reliable professional farmer organization that is knowledgeable and trustworthy. Organic food is likely to be less uniform in appearance and may have a scar or a dot. A few insects or worms at times are to be expected. Organic food may not store well for long due to non use of storage chemicals, wax & fungicide coatings. Many times, organic food tastes better due to balanced nutrition of plants. A residue test although expensive can indicate if the end product is free of common chemical residues. Organic certification is another plus. Each of the earlier factors is dependent on a large number of other environmental factors and hence relying on a trusted producer helps enjoy truly organic food, especially in India.

Where can I buy best organic vegetables and fruits in Hyderabad?

1) Trusted organic fruits, vegetables and staples direct from farms of a professional farmer organization are available at
2) There are a number of dedicated physical organic shops that aggregate organic food from multiple suppliers and farmers that have come up across Hyderabad.
3) Several online organic stores also sprung up sourcing from vendors and farmers, but mostly limiting to staples.
4) Some supermarket chains now have sections for organic produce.
5) A few hydroponic farms claim to sell organic produce while their organicness remains debatable.

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Sekhar is an M.Sc. (Agriculture) specializing in Agronomy and an MBA in Agribusiness Management. He is a farm professional associated with farming for the last 30+ years and leads farm production at OrganicSiri.

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