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Papaya 1pc

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Organic Papaya from our own OrganicSiri® farms. We home deliver trusted healthy organic food in Hyderabad. Excellent source of vitamin C, papaya is a fleshy, soft fruit that may be utilized in a variety of dishes. It is a natural energy booster that also helps with digestion and has anti-inflammatory qualities. It is also high in antioxidants.
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Organic Papaya from OrganicSiri®

They are a popular fruit because of their sweet taste, brilliant color and wide range of health benefits. Their nutritional profile is amazing as it is loaded with most essential minerals and micronutrients important for the body. Boppayi can be consumed in a number of ways, fresh as a fruit or as popular sweet dish – halwa.

Scientific name

Carica papaya

Also known as

Boppayi, Papitha


They are rich in a number of nutrients. They contain high levels of antioxidants vitamin A, vitamin C and vitamin E and may help reduce the risk of heart disease, improving skin and hair health. They also contain high fiber content which is believed to lower cholesterol levels.

How to use Papaya

Papitha is a fruit that is both soft and adaptable. This implies it can be used in a variety of recipes. It can be used make a tropical fruit salad with fresh papaya, pineapple and mango. Merge papaya into a glass of lemonade, iced tea, or water for a burst of fresh fruity flavor. It can also be used to make a fresh salsa with papaya, mango, chilies and pepper. Desserts such as shakes, smoothies and halwa frequently feature sweet and ripe papayas.

Cultivation highlights

They grow best in well drained, rich soils with a uniform texture. Foot rot disease can be fatal in stagnant water and in soils with poor drainage. Seeds are sown in seed bag and transplanted to the main field when ready. Papitha from OrganicSiri are grown in our own farms organically without use of fertilizers or chemicals. At OrganicSiri, we grow all our crops in our own farms organically without use of fertilizers or chemicals.


Fruit that has turned slightly yellow should be kept at room temperature for a few days to ripen. To get the most flavor out of ripe fruit, store it in the refrigerator and eat it within two or three days. Cut pieces of the ripe fruit can also be stored in an air tight container in the refrigerator for a day or two.


They are planted during monsoon, early winter and early summer. It is not planted during winter as the cold temperature can cause damage or injury to the crop.

How to buy Organic Papaya

We deliver fresh organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic staples across Hyderabad. Here is how to order online: How to order organic food?

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Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small, Mini

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  1. Lakshmana Srini

    Delicious Papaya. I have utmost liking towards this fruit and believe me I have been trying to find out & experience the real taste of Organic Papaya which is grown without any pesticides and artificial ripening techniques.nBecause right from my childhood we used to have a home garden where papaya’s used to be cultivated.That taste which i experienced haven’t got repeated anywhere till now until i tasted nature pink’s papaya. Most of the Papaya’s we get in the city are processed using artificial ripening techniques and most of the times the milk from papaya gets extracted which makes it tasteless .nBut believe me, I should give full marks to Nature Pinks for bringing in wonderful cultivation methods. I enjoyed its great taste.Please give it a try once. You’ll not forget again.

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