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Papaya 1pc

Organic Papaya, Boppayi, Papitha

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OrganicSiri Organic Papaya, Boppayi, Papitha grown in our own NaturePinks Farms and handled hygienically.

Small (1-1.5kg)
Medium (1.5-2kg)
Large (2-2.5kg)
Jumbo (2.5-3.6kg)
Mini (1 kg max)

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Jumbo, Large, Medium, Small, Mini

1 review for Papaya 1pc

  1. Lakshmana Srini

    Delicious Papaya. I have utmost liking towards this fruit and believe me I have been trying to find out & experience the real taste of Organic Papaya which is grown without any pesticides and artificial ripening techniques.nBecause right from my childhood we used to have a home garden where papaya’s used to be cultivated.That taste which i experienced haven’t got repeated anywhere till now until i tasted nature pink’s papaya. Most of the Papaya’s we get in the city are processed using artificial ripening techniques and most of the times the milk from papaya gets extracted which makes it tasteless .nBut believe me, I should give full marks to Nature Pinks for bringing in wonderful cultivation methods. I enjoyed its great taste.Please give it a try once. You’ll not forget again.

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