Why OrganicSiri

Why OrganicSiri?

OrganicSiri is unique in the trust it brings to you and in how we treat farming as a service to society. You will appreciate why organicsiri is valuable in obtaining trusted food for your family.

☑ We grow 100% in our own farms

You will be delivered assured produce that we have grown.

☑ We grow 100% organically

You get trusted organic food that was produced applying organic practices.

☑ Our production is 100% managed by professionals

You receive safe produce managed by seasoned graduates and postgraduates in Agriculture and Biology.

☑ Our produce is residue free

You get food that is voluntarily random tested periodically to be free of residues of 98 pesticides.

☑ We are enrolled for organic certification

You get extra assurance from our current participation in formal organic certification of TSSOCA, while we have been organic for many years.

☑ We conduct farm visits

Join us when we organize occasional farm visits and see for yourself how your food is produced.

☑ We are trusted by long time customers

Our long time customers will vouch for our organic produce. Read our reviews or ask us for references.