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Leading a ‘Fruitful’ Life? – Relish our Fresh Organic Fruits

Fruits just make life better, organic fruits make life even better! Fruits are sweet, refreshing and tasty, but are they healthier than sweet snacks?

Research shows fruits have far less sugar than most sweet snacks, which can mean that a person consumes fewer calories and less sugar while also obtaining valuable nutrients. The health risks from sugars, such as tooth decay and unhealthy weight gain, are related to consuming too many free sugars in the diet, not from eating sugars that are naturally present in fruits.

Benefits of Organic Fruits

Eating fruits increases fiber intake, lowers sugar consumption, lowers risk of obesity, increases antioxidant intake. Eating organic fruits gives you all these benefits – nutrients, vitamins and minerals – with the added advantage of being free of pesticides, multi-drug resistant bacteria and genetically modified organisms.

Fruit Sweetness & Flavors – never the same

Did you ever wonder why the taste, flavor and aroma of fruits vary so much? We are often asked why our organic papaya that tasted heavenly last week is just a bit bland this week; or where-from the muskmelon suddenly acquired the bright orange color and the superb aroma.

The balance between the sweetness and acidity of fruit based on the quantity and composition of sugars and acids is key to developing a complex and interesting taste & flavor. Natural sugars in fruit are a mix of sucrose, fructose, sorbitol and glucose, each having a different degree of sweetness. The acidity of a fruit is influenced by the content, quantity and composition of organic acids. Further, the flavor intensity is correlated to the quantity and composition of volatiles (esters, alcohols, aldehydes, lactones, and terpenoid) present in the fruit.

What determines these factors

How all of these manifest in the fruit is dependent on genetics, environmental factors, pre-harvest factors, orchard management, cultural practices, fruit maturity at harvest and post-harvest care. For example, the amount of sunlight the plant gets, the temperature, humidity determine how the fruit develops, even if the nutritional benefits might end up just the same.

At OrganicSiri, we continuously try and identify best varieties and grow our organic crops with utmost care to bring you safe and healthy fruits. If all of this fruit talk got you craving for a healthy bite, let us remind you we harvest and make available our organic fruits on our site each week for you to relish on.

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Kavya is a B.Sc. (Agriculture) and is Executive - Technical Operations at OrganicSiri. Apart from her strong interest in farming, she is into fitness and health.

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