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Organic Potato from our own OrganicSiri® farms. We home deliver trusted healthy organic food in Hyderabad. Packed with vitamins and minerals, fresh potatoes can be roasted, boiled, or fried and they are utilized in a wide variety of dishes. They can be cooked by themselves or with a combination of other vegetables and are the most filling vegetable.

Also known as: Potato, Alugadda, Aloo

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Organic Aloo from OrganicSiri®

They are the most popular root vegetable in the world. There is absolutely no limit to the possibilities of cooking this vegetable, it has a pleasant savory taste. High in phytonutrients, which are plant-derived chemical compounds that are known to improve health.

Scientific name

Solanum tuberosum


These tubers are high in antioxidants and include resistant starch, making them an excellent meal choice. They are largely composed of carbs, with reasonable levels of protein and fiber but nearly no fat and are high in water when fresh.

How to use Potato

They are the most adaptable of all the starches. Whether baked, fried, boiled, steamed, or mashed, these humble veggies transform into a delicious dish. They may be found in a variety of cuisines alongside other vegetables. From fries and wedges to cutlets, curries, bakes and pies, the versatile ingredient is employed in practically all types of cuisines to make a buffet of foods. Some popular dishes include aloo chat, gravy curry, honey chilly potato, mashed salad, kurma, french fries and cutlet.

Cultivation highlights

Soils that are naturally loose provide the least resistance to tuber enlargement and are desirable. Earthing up is essential to keep the soil loose and destroy weeds. Aloo from OrganicSiri are grown in our own farms organically without use of fertilizers or chemicals. At OrganicSiri, we grow all our crops in our own farms organically without use of fertilizers or chemicals.


The ideal location to store them is in a cool, dry, dark spot away from the sink or stove, such as a cupboard or pantry. They require airflow to avoid moisture buildup, which can lead to deterioration. Storing them in an open bowl or paper bag is the best option to allow for free air movement. Do not store them in a sealed container without ventilation, such as a zipped plastic bag or lidded box.


They are a cool season crop and grow only in winter season in Telangana. We grow them as multiple staggered winter crops at our farms and make them available for many months of the year, storing them in ideal conditions.

How to buy Organic Potato

We deliver fresh organic vegetables, organic fruits and organic staples across Hyderabad. Here is how to order online: How to order organic food?

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